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For the Public


How is the attorney disciplinary system funded?

The attorney discipline system is funded by a portion of the annual enrollment fee each attorney is required to pay to the Missouri Supreme Court. No tax dollars are utilized.

Is the attorney discipline system under the authority of the Missouri Bar?

The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel is an agency of the Missouri Supreme Court, funded by lawyers’ dues, and is separate and distinct from The Missouri Bar.

If I represent myself in Court, do the Rules of Professional Conduct apply to me?

The Rules of Professional Conduct apply only to those persons admitted or formerly admitted to practice law in the State of Missouri. Courts may, of course, regulate the conduct of anyone appearing before them.

How can I find out if a lawyer has a disciplinary record?

Anyone can find out if a Missouri attorney has a record of public discipline by contacting the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.  (Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, 3327 American Avenue, Jefferson City, MO 65109. Phone (573) 635-7400 Fax (573) 635-2240) Pending investigations and information about complaints filed which have not led to discipline are confidential under Supreme Court Rule 5.31. Under Missouri Supreme Court rules, admonitions are public. Discipline imposed by the Missouri Supreme Court is also public. Public discipline imposed since January 1, 2006 is available at the Missouri Supreme Court website.